Ernest Obukx Agoba

The Emergency Room Artist


Creative Block

“Creative Block” is an experimental abstract  that suggests the depressing stupor  so many creatives  go through.  Sometimes, it’s boredom, sometimes it’s confusion, or even tiredness. But in these states of inactions or  languidness, clarity and creativity could interestingly still be birthed.  This work is a product of one of such blocks. My  palette was messy. My hands were filthy. My head was heavy, and my mood was sour.  However, I could not afford to lose the oil paint on my palette and those I had smeared here and there.  In those same moments of confusion, I grabbed my palette knifes and brushes and just scrubbed and scrubbed onto a blank abandoned canvas. The result was a pleasant expression of my creative block.  I group this work ,here, under “The Mind’s Field”

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