Ernest Obukx Agoba

The Emergency Room Artist


Battles of the Mind

Oil color on Canvas

48′ x 60′ inches

It is  difficult to express a feeling or situation in which I don’t find myself at the periods of making my art. I cannot paint pain when I am happy, and, conversely, I find it difficult to express hope in situations when I feel very helpless. This painting was made in periods of outrage and confusion even as I tried frantically to attract calm. It is not meant to evoke the same outrage and confusion but created to empathize with the fierce emotional encounter men go through in periods of pain and uncertainty.  These patterns and colors are ephemerally observed in  special moments of reflection. I liken the ambivalent thoughts of a majority of people to these  patterns. The patterns reflect a tale of  a troubled, anxious and disconcerted  mind portrayed in flashes of  light and fiery blend of grungy and spiky splotches of paint. 

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